Resources for Inner City CHildren

Educate. Engage. Empower.

RISE-DC provides high-quality educational resources, free of charge, to inner city schools in Washington, D.C. RISE-DC operates from a pedagogical foundation that the greater a student’s academic need, the more important the experience of the teacher. RISE-DC’s professional instructors have an average experience level of twenty years.

Closing the Education Gap

RICH student and tutor

D.C. is known as a dropout factory, with just 58% of our youth graduating from high school and fully half of these dropouts ending up in jail. Resources to Inspire Students and Educators wants every student to achieve academic success, graduate from high school, become a productive adult and live up to his or her potential.

In 2013-14, RISE-DC’s educational professionals provided over 4,000 hours of instruction and mentoring to students in Anacostia.

RISE-DC Student Profiled on
Channel 9

Christian with RISE-DC tutor