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RISE-DC’s mission is to help low-income youth in Washington, DC achieve academic and career success. This is accomplished by providing educational resources such as high-quality tutoring, college and career mentoring - free of charge.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017
Edmund Burke School
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As previously noted in our blog,, Ward 7 and 8's graduating classes of 2018, current high school juniors, are the first group since 2007 not to benefit from the DC College Success Foundation's Achievers program, which provided an average of $10,000 in annual scholarships per student for, all told, approximately 3,000 students.

Compounding this financial issue is the need for our students to prepare for college academically. Mary Lincer, a teacher for forty years and a RISE tutor for five years, has the enviable role this year of tutoring students in Ballou's Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and AP United States History classes as part of RISE's new AP Scholars program. Mary says,"These motivated juniors think and work hard; I always appreciate the opportunity to work with students who know how to grow."

Sponsors are being lined up to reward Ballou's juniors with $3000 college scholarships for a 3 on either of these two AP exams, $4000 for a 4, or $5000 for a 5. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this new "AP Scholars" program, please email Paul Penniman at .

Hopefully we will be to help prepare Ballou's students for college, both financially and pedagogically!

RISE-DC Student Profiled on
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Christian with RISE-DC tutor