Educate. Engage. Empower.

Supporters, Partners, Board

“Working for RISE-DC has been a gratifying experience. Giving the students an opportunity to improve their skills and gain confidence in themselves as learners and problem solvers has been just part of my experience. RISE-DC tutors and mentors also have the opportunity to develop personal connections with our students, which spur them to consistently attend school, take personal responsibility for their successes and realize the possibilities that their new skills can offer them.”

Pam Korbel, RISE-DC Board Member and Past Tutor

Meet Our Supporters and Partners

RISE-DC would like to thank the following foundations which have supported us through the years..

  • Share Fund
  • Hattie M. Strong Foundation
  • John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation
  • Nirman Foundation
  • Community Foundation of the National Capital Region
  • DMPE Foundation
  • Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ
  • Renah Blair Foundation

RISE-DC would like to thank the following people and organizations for their in-kind services or donations of supplies.

Board Members

  • Joy C. Dingle, Independent K-16 education consultant
  • William Gruen (Chair), Certified public accountant, Gruen and Wichansky
  • Pamela Korbel , Reading instructor, RISE-DC
  • Wes Pickard (Treasurer), Former CFO, Synergy, Inc.
  • Rhonda Presser (Vice Chair), RISE college mentor and retired newsletter editor
  • Alexis Sepulveda-Hau, Private attorney
  • Renee Licht, retired, private attorney, co-Director of Giving Together
  • Jose Maheda, civil engineer, Pyramid Builders

Major Donors

  • Bill Gruen and Margaret McDonald
  • Wes Pickard and Jeannette Studley
  • Karen Guberman and Craig Kennedy
  • Maryann and Barry Gosnell
  • Rhonda Presser and Stanley Kroll
  • Dan Schuchat and Lori Laubich
  • Renee Licht and Michael Sussman
  • George Walker
  • Pamela and John Korbel
  • Carolyn and Jeffrey Leonard
  • Michael and Afsaneh Beschloss
  • Nancy Crisman
  • Peter Jaszi
  • Tom and Bevra Krattenmaker
  • Neal and Ava Gross
  • Katherine Connor and Michael Timmeny
  • Christopher H. And Vivian Hartenau
  • Mary Wagner
  • Robert Weinberg and Christine Ley
  • Duncan E. and Pamela Goldie-Morrison
  • Marlise Konort