Student Spotlight: Braswell at U of A

Braswell was salutatorian at Anacostia High School in 2015 and is a freshman at the University of Arizona. He became the first Anacostia student to go to college in Arizona since... we don’t know when.

He is part of only a 4% African-American population, but Braswell says it is “wonderful. Despite my race, we are all in the same boat, all here to get an education.”

So far the biggest challenge has been the lecture-style classes: “My psych class has 500 plus students, so it is hard to pay attention sometimes.” Braswell was largely self-motivated in high school, but he at first was just going to go to college in D.C. He says the RISE College Trip “really opened my eyes. We went to North Carolina and Florida; it was a whole different feeling, getting out of D.C.” Braswell says that after his education he would like to help run a movie production company, “but I look forward to coming back and giving back to my city.”